The Ride for Special Children benefits many of the areas children through an enjoyable event for us all.  The first ride raised over $7,000.00 and Ride II Donated $14,000.00 to the Down Syndrome Guild. Ride III gave a new Harley away and donated $23,000 to the Guild. Ride IV donated over $14,000 last year. Over $60,000 has been donated through rides I-V.

The combined proceeds from Ride I, II and III, IV were donated to underwrite the Down Syndrome Conference in Kansas City along with new parent packets, the first summer camp and more...

  • The Down Syndrome Guild Information:
  • Down syndrome affects 1 in every 800 live births
  • In Kansas and Missouri a child is born with Down syndrom every 2 days
  • Approximately 4000 babies are born in the U.S. with Down syndrome every year
  • There is a wide variation in the abilities, physical development, behavior and personalities of the individuals with Down syndrome
  • Individuals with Down syndrome benefit from loving homes, appropriate medical care, inclusive education and positive public attitudes

The Down Syndrome Guild is the only local organization dedicated to providing essential community services to assist the families who have been touched by Down syndrome.  The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City currently provides the following free services:

New Parent Packets

Parent-to-Parent Program

'' Website

Connections - a bi-monthly newsletter


Age-related support groups and activities

The Buddy Walk

Educational Programs and Social Activities

Access to National assistance

Collaboration with National Groups and Centers

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